"There's No Present Like The Time"® 

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Luggage Allowance  


1 suitcase OR briefcase - 25cm x 50cm x 40cm, weight 10Kg 


1 small backpack - 30cm x 40cm x 20cm 


Luggage exceeding these guidlines will either be refused or incur an additional charge. 

"There's No Present Like The Time" ® 

A B O U T 

Taxibikes offer stress-free transport for busy executives. Cutting journey times considerably, we guarantee that you will arrive at your destination, exhilarated and on time, for your meeting or flight. 


We operate our chauffeur bikes service in and around London and the Home counties but will cover most of the UK.  


The concept of the chauffeur bike has been tried and tested in London's congested streets, being used to get from A to B by celebrities, businessmen and women and the media. Motorbike taxis or Taxibikes can get through traffic congestion by filtering to the front of queues, and can be fun and exhilarating as well. 


This service can equally be enjoyed on an excursion or as a novelty for weddings or event days! 

Passengers using chauffeur bikes are provided with helmet, jacket, gloves and any necessary waterproof equipment, and luggage up to cabin sized cases are catered for. 


We offer the first fully licensed motorcycle taxi service in the area and pride ourselves on our quality of service. 


At Taxibikes we are taking the coronavirus threat very seriously and taking every precaution to ensure that we prioritise the health and safety of our customers. 


Hand sanitisers, gels and wipes as well as CE approved face masks and mob caps are available should passengers prefer to use them. Microphone covers are changed for each customer and the visor can also be changed. Equipment is sanitised frequently 


Riding in the open air is preferable to being in close proximity of other commuters on trains and public transport, or in cars, so let's try to avoid this coronavirus in a more individual way! 


We are also available to provide a trustworthy courier service should you need to transport important business documents to those working from home. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs and for a quote.