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All other work outside the M25 will be based upon £3 per mile. Motorcycle taxi pricing may vary from other taxis or private hire firms, but the time saved on the trip will often make up for the discrepancy. As the motorbike private hire business is in its infancy, not all prices have been published here. Please don't hesitate to call for a quote. 

Weekend, Bank Holiday and out of hours work (before 7am and after 7pm) is subject to a minimum charge of £150, but each job is individually assessed so please call or email for a quote. 


Pricing subject to change without prior notice. For further information or an accurate quote on a specific destination please feel free to contact us. Please note: Cancellations incur a Full Charge if made with less than 24 hours notice. Most major credit and debit cards accepted. 

Our rates start at £50 as a minimum charge for short journeys within the London area, going up to £150 for trips from Canary Wharf to Heathrow. Waiting time after 10 free minutes is £80/hour. 


Cost of Chauffeur bike journeys from the West End to: 


-London City Airport - £75 

-Heathrow Airport Terminals 1, 2 & 3 - £95 

-Heathrow Airport Terminals 4 & 5 - £105 

-Gatwick, Stansted and Luton Airports - £175\ 


Luggage allowance -  

1 suitcase OR briefcase - 25cm x 50cm x 40cm, weight 10Kg 


1 small backpack - 30cm x 40cm x 20cm 


Luggage exceeding these guidlines will either be refused or incur an additional charge.