"There's No Present Like The Time"® 

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"we all had a fantastic evening and the bike was brilliant" Georgina Watts, Hen Night organiser! 


"Made it. Thanks to Rob. Still the only way to travel" Nick Nairn. TV Chef and Virgin Limobike regular. 


" I travel to London frequently for speaking engagements, various meetings and public appearances and I am always confronted with the daunting problem of traffic congestion and unreliable public transport. For fast, efficient and most importantly, safe transport I use Rob and his bike taxi service. It is not only the fastest way to get from A to B but also a very enjoyable experience. Having no bike riding history is not a problem as Rob is an exceptional rider and talks to you throughout the journey via an intercom as you pass queues of frustrated motorists on the road. I recommend Robs bike taxi service for anyone who places a priority on punctuality and professionalism. ' Justin Harrison, Lock forward, Australia and Bath 


The dreaded trip from Heathrow Airport to the centre of London to hand deliver some important documents was made hassle free due to a prompt pick up and superb negotiation of congested traffic routes. This is only way to travel when time is of the essence. Rob of Taxibikes knows his stuff and it shows. Derek Lloyd, Director of Golf, Randpark Club, South Africa 

" ...and thanks for helping me get over my fear of bikes .....I thoroughly enjoyed it!" Hannah B, Grid Girl 


"Very quick and effective way of getting between destinations, I have found taxi bikes excellent for all my needs. I highly recommend anyone to try." Gary Pettit, MF Global, London and Chicago 


"Thanks for the ride. Saw all the goals! Reliable Rob!" Hardeep Singh Koli BBC One Show Presenter and Arsenal fan! 


"You've saved the day! Thank you!" Susannah H, Select Model Management, London Fashion Week 2008 


"Thank u. You are the Best driver ever;)" Alek. Select model. London Fashion Week 2008 


"Thanks for the Excellent service." Adrian Stewart. Guy Carpenter & Co. Ltd. 


"Rob, walked into court at exactly the time I was needed. Couldn't have done it without you. Thanks. Avi." 

Avi Schmueli. Clinical Psychiatrist and expert witness.