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T O U R S 

In Kent on business and find you have time on your hands? Why not take a relaxed trip to some of Kent's famous landmarks on the back of a comfortable motorcycle? 

Take in the Garden of England's fantastic countryside on the way to: 

* Hever Castle  

* Leeds Castle  

* Rye  

* Canterbury Cathedral  

* Lullingstone Roman Villa  

* Chartwell 


Or why not take a London Sights Tour 


* The London Eye  

* The Tower of London  

* The London Dungeon  

* St Paul's Cathedral  

* Buckingham Palace Other destinations are available upon request. 


Taking time out of a business trip to see some sights means you want to make the most of your free time. On the back of a motorbike taxi or taxi bike you can sit back and enjoy the sights of London and get to experience a day in the life of a Londoner, not just as a tourist.